January 27, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Palava City: 1 Lakh Happy Families

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1 Lack Happy Family

1 Lack Happy Family

Palava City: The new mega city on the outskirts of Mumbai. Palava city has all the features required for a city to thrive. Palava will become one of the smartest cities in India in the near future.

Palava city has been planned in order to give its residents a new city experience which is not available in the current scenario anywhere in India. International master planner Sasaki Associates has planned Palava City. Sasaki has master planned the Beijing Olympics village, China during 2008.

Palava city is planned to take a capacity of 1 lack families or 5 lack people. Even with such a large population Palava city will have more than 60% of open space. State of the art traffic management system, water management, power management, etc.

In Palava city, as of now 5000 families are residing in harmony and enjoying the good life in Casa Bella, Casa Bella Gold and Lodha Golflinks. It is expected that more 16,000 families will shift here in the next one year as the possession of Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold is going on.

Lodha Group is currently developing Phase 2 of Palava city which will be completed by 2018. There will be more than 30,000 families living in Phase 2. Phase 3 that will be developed in the future will hold another 50,000 families.


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