July 15, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Palava City: An Investors Heaven

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Investment Haven

Investment Haven

Every Investor wants to invest in a project which gives a guaranteed return to them. A good investment is one which is of minimum hazel to the investor and gives maximum return. Real estate has become a very good investment option over the years to the investors, who originally invested in gold, shares, and bonds. Real Estate is a very big investment but the fruits are also dearer. An investment in Real Estate ensures a guaranteed return of money unlike other investment like gold and shares where the investment can reduce in value also. But in case of Real Estate, the rates can be stagnant or will go up in a very slow manner but will never reduce in value.

Lodha Palava is a very good investment option for investors. It is a Mega City in development in Dombivali. Investors from all over India and also from many part of the world have invested here.

The investors who invested in 2009 have got 33% year on year investment from this project. Lodha Group has started this project at a rate of 1800 psf in 2009. In 2009, the rate for a 1BHK apartment in Palava City was just 13 lakhs. The rates have been revised many times till now. Currently, the rate going on is around 5500 psf in this project and a 1BHK would cost you around 48 lakhs.

It is always said that the first moves to a city are the biggest gainers. For Palava, this quote applies 100%. Investors who invested here earlier are the biggest gainers. Casa Bella is the first township in Palava City. One who has invested here in 2009 will be the biggest gainer of Palava City. All the basic amenities has been started here like School, Hospitals, Malls, Clubhouse, Golf Course, Tennis Court, etc.

Palava City is still expanding and there are more rooms for investment here. Casa Rio, the second township of Palava City will be delivered to the customers in 1-2 months time. The construction for the second phase has been started and will be completed by 2017. So people can still invest here gives the scope of the City is very big in the future. A third phase is being proposed by Lodha Group and its construction will be started in the years to come. So people who have missed investment in Phase one can still invest for a good return.


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