August 19, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Palava City: Divided into Three Parts

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Palava City

Palava City

Man has been creating cities from the time he is civilized. Man creates these cities for his development. Many cities have been created by man which can be seen when we scroll the pages of history. It takes a lot of pain and hard work for the development of cities. A city is created in phases laying one stone at a time. The phase wise development helps in proper settlement of populations. Also if there is any modification to be done in the design of the city can also be done in future phases. Some of the planned cities developed phase wise is Navi Mumbai, Chandigarh, Lavasa, Secunderabad, etc.

Palava City is also developed in phases by its developer Lodha Group. Palava City is divided into three phases for its development. Phase One was started in 2009 with the launch of Casa Bella. Casa Bella is a township of 50 acres and has around 2300 families in it. Casa Bella Gold was launched in October, 2009 and houses 4000 families in it. Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold were launched subsequently in March, 2010 and in September, 2010. Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold will be the biggest cluster in Palava City. It is spread across 150 acres of land and is one of the best townships in Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold houses more than 18,000 families in it. As of now Phase one is completed and handed over to the occupants.

Phase Two of Palava City is located in Ambernath Pipeline Road. It is spread across 650 acres of land and is divided into 11 sectors. Sector 1 and 2 will be IT Hub and Commercial Centers respectively. Sector 3 also know as Lakeshore Greens is completely residential. Currently Lakeshore Greens is under development and will be completed by December 2016. Other sectors of Lakeshore Greens will be launched subsequently in the coming years.

Phase Three of Palava City is also located in Ambernath Pipeline Road. It is spread across 2200 acres of land and will be the biggest phase in Palava City. It is the future development of Palava City and its construction will start once phase two is completed.

Palava City will be completed by 2025. Once Palava City is completed its total population will be more than 5 lakhs. It will be the first Smart City in India with everything in the city operated by the latest technology.


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