September 17, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Palava City Management Association (PCMA)

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Palava City Management Association

Palava City Management Association

Palava City is a new suburban city being developed by Lodha Group with all the modern facilities coming up here. The city will be a role model to all the future citied being developed in India. The city will be a Smart city with IBM giving smart technology to it. The city will have 60% open space which will be the highest in world for a city. The city will implement walk to work culture which is very rare for a country like India. Other cities where walk to work culture is implemented are New York, Boston, Paris, London, etc. The city will have the biggest Central Park in Asia. These are the areas where the city will be role model to future cities that will be developed in India.

Palava City Management Association (PCMA) is an organization created by Lodha Group for the caretaking of Palava City. The Association will have maximum residents to run the city. Palava City Management Association will be the sole authority looking after maintaining roads, street lights, safety, power backup, water management, bus service, etc within the city. A customer grievance number has been started for this purpose so that, residents can calls and registers their complaints regarding the above stated things. PCMA is also responsible for making city policies and also for providing high quality but cost-effective services.

Further, PCMA will also conduct many art and cultural activities. For this purpose, Lodha Group is developing Art and Culture Centre in Lakeshore Greens of Phase 2. Also there will be many sports conducted within the Palava Complex since it has many sports arenas and stadiums like golf course, swimming pool, tennis court, cricket stadium, clubhouses, etc.

Palava City will be first city in India or in fact in the world to have citizens run the city. This will be the greatest advantages of Palava City for civic governance since it will not be like any other city. The association will have participation from citizens along with experts in city management and urban planners.

Palava is the Sanskrit name meaning budding flower. As the name suggest, Palava will grow into a world class city and will lead in the global arena. Palava City will create more such innovative ideas so that it will become the top city to live in the world.


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