October 10, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Palava City Master Plan


Being in the middle of potential is the exact spot to grow huge. Isn’t it. Similar is the thinking of the development of the Palava city and its residents. In the midst of a world of opportunities, the Palava city has become the epicenter for growth due to the high connectivity and the projected plans of development in the accessible neighborhoods.

With a plethora of opportunity turning its head up, to bless the smart city, the city is designed so as to enable charmed life for its residents through charming residences. The layout design is as per international standards and well planned and designed. Surrounded by large stretches of greens, river Swale to serenade the senses, and other exemplar amenities, the living is guaranteed to be of higher standard and hassle free.




Broad connectivity to the city across through various means of commute, the smart city is close to the heart of the city and could closely follow the beat with the pulse being directed by newer smart city. The internal management of the city and its facilities is being governed by the internal body which looks after the entire working of the city facilities and necessary maintenance work within.

Internal and external finishing and the look, feel and design are such carefully done so as to give a picture perfect view to all the homes and in turn reflect the world class lifestyle. The elegance of the structure leaves a lasting impression in the mind of visitors. Layered security service and the blooming of world class centers of excellence in all the walks of life like studies, sports, work, and economy all add up to the charm and uniqueness that this facility carries. This all reflects the benefits of living in the high growth potential zone and the actual benefits that turn in line with being in midst of the development.


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