August 11, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Palava City New Offers

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Palava city - Megacity

Palava city – Megacity

The Lodha group is developing a modern city in Dombivali, Palava city. This city will be one of the best cities to live in. Lodha group is one of the prestigious real estate developers in India having had delivered many projects successfully on time. These projects have become landmarks today and are valued in premium. This track record is only set to continue as the company has had a lot of experience in building quality real estate and they will continue to do so in the future.

Lodha has come out with exciting offers for buyers which make the Palava City further more attractive than it is. Buyers get a chance to set free from the problem of paying 20% of the value of the apartment at one go in the 20:80 scheme. Buyers usually found this mechanism of payment difficult to deal with as paying that amount at one time was still big to deal with. Lodha has come out with a scheme of 10:40:10:40 where the buyer pays the 10% of the value of the apartment initially after 21 days of booking and on the disbursal of the loan from the bank which may be after 6 months when the first slab of construction is completed; the other 40% is paid. This will be alongwith the other 10% share of the buyer. So, overall 60% of the payment will have been done by the construction of the first slab. When the second slab of construction of complete the remainder of 40% will be paid by the bank. This makes purchasing a flat for the middle class people a little easier as the payment is made in different parts.

We have 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK apartments in the project. 1BHK is available in 729 – 774 sq. ft. 2BHK OPTIMA is available in 918 – 999 sq. ft. 2BHK ULTIMA is available in 1026 – 1062 sq. ft. 3BHK is available in 1197 – 1314 sq. ft. Generally the stamp duty charges are applicable at the rate of 5% of the price of the purchased property. But since Palava is a Mega City we are offering a stamp duty rate of 2.5% – a discounted rate to that of the prevailing market rate. That is another benefit of purchasing an apartment at Lodha Palava.

Usually under-construction buildings are offered at a discounted price to that of the ready to move in apartments. This is a benefit that the buyer derives by purchasing the apartment before it is fully constructed. At Dombivali the area rate is Rs. 6300/- PSF for ready to move in apartments. Under-construction apartments are offered at Rs. 5700/- PSF. At Lodha Palava the Prelaunch offer rates are Rs. 5004/- PSF which makes it the cheapest to purchase an apartment here. These offers are temporary and will not be available after some time. Therefore, one should invest in this property now and avail the discounts as the prices will rise once the city has been fully developed by a big margin.



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