January 25, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Palava City Offerings

Mumbai has always been a city which offers a lot to its residents from sea face to wide roads, from best security to best commutation option. So, if anything which can be alternate to this majestic city must have all these points.

Palava which is having a huge land parcel & is in construction phase should offer all these elementary requirements. Following are the developments that are happening in Palava City.

1) City Planning: Other than few cities, India doesn’t have any planned city. With Palava this tally is going to increase. Based on the concept of “Walk to everything” every home is no more short walk from everything one required. This will result in people wasting less time commuting to work & can spend more time with families & friends.

Walk To Everything

Walk To Everything

2) PCMA (Palava City Management Association): An association have been formed exclusively for Palava residents which will look after, daily life problems of Palava city residents such as ensuring uninterrupted & stable power supply & water. Also, formulating a committee to provide efficient & cost effective services.

Palava City Management Association


3) City of operation: On the foot prints of Singapore & New York. Palava will offer a unique id card for every citizen, which will work as accessible card to enjoy facilities within the premises. Palava will also offer a portal to raise & track their problems, view live camera, get local updates & many more things. Palava will also offer CCTV coverage for whole city & street level panic buttons to make residents lives safe.

City Of Operation

City Of Operation

4) Transport: Palava has come up with a unique road transport program; which will help residents to stay updated on traffic in areas. Also helping residents with parking & taking alternate routes in case of any congestion. This will help residents to commute with ease.

5) Waste management: Waste has been a growing problem which is evident with the fact, that with rise in number of residents the waste will also rise. To keep city clean Palava has introduced separate bin for recyclable, non recyclable. Also to use waste Palava will have large scale solid waste transfer station & processing plant to convert organic waste into manures or biogas for electricity generation.

Waste Management

Waste Management


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