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Palava City Payment Schedule and Offers

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Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule

In today’s world, there is nothing like owning an apartment. We strive our whole life, do small savings , take a bank loan to buy a flat. Especially, buying a flat in a metro has become a dream to many due to growing real estate prices.

There are various builders in Mumbai doing various set of projects and announcing a various lucrative schemes in order to owe the customers. However, still owning a flat is a distant dream for many middle class buyers especially in Mumbai.

Lodha Group, the real estate giant in Mumbai is completely different from the entire lot. Lodha Group believes in putting the customer ahead in every project.  Lodha Group has started a brand named “CASA” exclusively for middle class buyers. Apart from this, Lodha Group is currently developing Palava City for middle class section. Lodha Group has a tie-up with leading banks like Punjab National Bank, HBFC, ICICI, DHFL, SBI, Axis, etc.

There are many schemes Lodha Group has currently. The first scheme is Slab wise payment. Like other builders Lodha Group has this scheme. In Slab wise payment, the booking amount is Rs. 45000. After 21 days of booking you have to pay 10% of consideration value (CV) and again after 21 days you have to pay 10% again i.e. within 42 days you pay 20% of CV. The remaining amount of the CV is paid as and when slabs of different levels are laid. This scheme is very helpful for investor who does not want to take a bank loan.

The second scheme from Lodha Group is for clients who take bank loan. The booking amount remains the same as Rs. 45,000. After booking, within 42 days the client pays 20% of CV. The remaining 80% is disbursed by bank has loan.

The third scheme from Lodha Group is a modification of the second scheme. Here also the booking amount is same as Rs. 45,000. But the major change comes in the 20% payment. The client has to pay 10% within 21 days of booking flat. After this the client can register the flat and go for loan. Then the bank gives 40% of CV. After 6 months, the clients are asked to pay another 10% of CV and then the bank gives remaining 40% of the loan amount.

These are the major schemes by Lodha Group for clients. Mostly middle class people have taken the second and third scheme.

In Future, Lodha Group will bring more schemes for middle class segment. Look out for this space for more updates.


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