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Palava review

Palava Review

All the reviews we got in our blog regarding Palava city compiled in a blog. Weather it is positive, negative or neutral all reviews will be here. We have compiled all the comments into a single blog.


Thumbs Up: 


  • Rakesh Dutta (mukesh2008_45@yahoo.com) Lifestyle living is all i wanted for myself and my family. Lodha has given me (and still in process) all that I could ask for and more with Casa Bella gold.
  • Rajesh Mathur (rajeshmathur28@yahoo.com) I booked an apartment at Lodha Palava city in casa bella in 2010, When i booked it was a barred land, but i was really surprised to see the overall change which happened in just couple of yrs. Thanks to Lodha.
  • Govind Patel (pramodpatel21@yahoo.co.in) i have flat in Casa bela and i’m happy to be part of it . Residents are quite helpful and infrastructure is good. Lush green lawns are present and i always enjoy longwalks through the city.
  • Vivek patel (sankalp.goradia@craftwealth.com) Palava is all about giving comfort to people and living a lavish lifestyle.
  • Aniket Rahane (aniketrahane5@gmail.com) If you are in a frisking spree and envisioning claiming a foremost home in the clamoring region of Mumbai, around the work environments and business destinations, yet you vow to live in a quiet and peaceful feel, Lodha Palava City is the perfect destination anticipating your vicinity!!!
  • Sankalp Goradia (sankalp.goradia@craftwealth.com) Palava city is a city which people has only dream about. It’s a superb city people should stay and settle over there.
  • Aniket Rahane (aniketrahane5@gmail.com) Platter of social and urban aids within the city premise namely prestigious schools, universities, social destinations, working environments, convenience store, transport facilities and so on. The city is glorified with all other energetic assets, which leaves least scope for the occupants to venture out from its periphery.
  • Aniket Rahane (aniketrahane5@gmail.com) Totally agree on the above points. Palava projects will fulfill all needs.
  • Prakash (vilasrathod30@yahoo.in) I would like to visit this city. Thanks.
  • Vilas (vilasrathod30@yahoo.in) Nice Palava City I like it.
  • AJIT TAMBE (altambe@gmail.com) Lodha is one of the Biggest developers in India. Palava and Casario Gold is is one of the well developed small city. Lodha Group must push Maharashtra Govt. and Indian Govt. to Develop Diva-Panvel railway line. Local train must run on this railway route immediate. Railway station must have every two kilometer on this railway route. All stations (DIVA, DITIVALI, AGASAN, NILAJE, VADAVALI, NARIVALI , NIGHU BAMARLI, TALOJE PANCHANAND, NAVADE ROAD, ROADPALI, KALAMBOLI, KHANDA COLONY ) must develope like Navimumbai railway station.
  • Ramesh Singh (mishra.c20112012@gmail.com) really super life style
  • Rohan Khanna (rohan.khanna@hotmail.com) I have seen the real transformation @ dombivali in the last few years, I am glad that buying an apartment at lodha palava was the right decision, I believe this would be among the best smart city in india
  • vinod Mehta (mehtav@hotmail.com) Mr. Modi has a dream project of creating 100 smart cities in india, I believe Lodha Palava would be the first one of it. If lodha is bullish on its plan then definitely I feel this is would be the most livable city as it comes from a private developer like Lodha
  • Govind Patel (pramodpatel21@yahoo.co.in) Its truly a smart city as all the facilities and infrastructure are present in the city. Residents are also comfortable with the Lodha’s arrangements and its quiet convenient to reach various parts of the city within few minutes
  • sankalp goradia (sankalp.goradia@craftwealth.com) Palava city is a city of dreams. Only people have thought such type of city. But its all goes to lodha builder who have thought to develop such type of city where people can live a good life.
  • Ashwin Rathod (godwin@craftwealth.com) This property is one of the best in MMR from one of the best developer in India.
  • Nikunj Mehta (godwin@craftwealth.com) I have been to the site at Palava. I have seen the sample flat. They are very good and world class. I would buy a flat in Palava City in near future.
  • Mr.Roy (mishra.c20112012@gmail.com) Palava city makes life eaiser
  • Sanjeev Kumar (sanjubeckons@rediffmail.com) Palava City gives one of the biggest investment opportunity:
  • Govind Patel (pramodpatel21@yahoo.co.in) School of international standards is available. All the residents of Lodha are expressing their happiness as the kids are getting international schools in the vicinity of the city. Residents no need to travel far away distances for good educational facilities.
  • Sanjeev Kumar (sanjubeckons@rediffmail.com) Investment in Palava: Price of Palava is currently at the rock bottom of what the price it will be in future. Those who are reading this blog should take a note that Palavites will be proud to hear from their friend “Are U living in Palava”? That means to say that once this project is complete, rate could have touched 25000 to 35000 per square feet that is the current price of Bandra. Magarpatta City of Pune is live example of this appreciation. It is spread in 600 acre which is just 1/6th or 1/7th the area of Palava City. I remember the days when infrastructure of Hadapsar was not as good as now. People use to think twice before going to that area. What I mean to say that today Infrastructure of Dombivli is nothing what it will be in coming years and appreciation of property happens simultaneously with the development of infrastructure. In a nutshell if you are an investor and have money to invest, don’t hesitate to invest un Palava. Don’t misunderstand that investment in nearby areas will give you same application as Palava.
  • We all have been reading, listening and accepting the fact that this new govt is focussing on developing infrastructure. Once infrastructure is developed, prices of property also rises in those areas. Dombivli and in particular Palava region is being developed not only by Govt but also by a well known and prestigious builder of India called Lodha. When we hear this word Lodha, first thing that comes to our mind is quality then name, then economy of scale. Palava is being developed by lodha and surroundings by Govt. That means Dombivli region as a whole is growing at a faster pace than any other parts of Mumbai. Badlapur, Panvel also comes in the list of development but Palava will supersede all other regions of Mumbai in terms of appreciation in property prices. Residential prices in nearby areas like Thane and Navi Mumbai is between 7000 to 14000 depending upon development of that region. Phase 2 of Palava city was launched at a price of Rs 4545/sqft on 11th Nov 2013. Today people are buying flats from Lodha at around Rs 6000/sqft. That means 2 things. Firstly, people have faith in this builder. Secondly there will be further appreciation in this project. Today, Lodha group would have sold approximately 6000 to 7000 apartments in second phase since Nov 2013 and return to the investor is almost 33%. Now you can imagine what will be the price once second phase of the project is completed by 2018 and third phase by 2025 and they would have been selling almost last lot of the planned one lakh flat. People living in that city will not only see appreciation in price but also their confidence and would feel proud of their decision. The way we feel proud of the decision of our parents if they have bought some property in their lifetime, our children will also be proud of us if we have atleast one flat in Palava City
  • Lodha Casa Rio Gold, located in Shilphata Road, is a premium residential project by the ever-growing Lodha group. They have come up with another exquisite residential tower, Exotica, in Palava, Dombivali East. Palava City, conceptualized by the Lodha Group, is a marquee residential project. Palava City is nothing less than a smart city, offering everything, from state of the art educational and health complexes to efficient commute systems.
  • Railway Station is in vicinity. Shopping complex, Xperia Mall is nearby as well. Movie and other recreational activities won’t be a stress either as the


  Thumbs Down:


  • Vigi John (johnvigi@rediffmail.com) I have booked 3 BHK flat at lakeshore green. But my sincere advise is that please do not take loan through PNB housing ltd. Even though their name is suggested by Lodha team, their communication with Lodha is very Bad.Apart from that you will never get proper reply from the bank. And they are so unprofessional that you will end up paying interest penalty to Lodha.
  • shashank sekhar palai (shashank.palai@gmail.com) Looks promising but since the registration date, I have had a horrendous time with back end team and relationship manager. No clarity of communications on many things, delay in registration and applying penalty on that basis. Without registration how would bank disburse????
  • Omkar (omkar.pendurkar@gmail.com) Poor connectivity from Lodha Palava- Casabella Gold to Dombivali Railway station. Is there any plan to increase transportation services between Dombivali Railway Station and Kalyan Shilphata road?
  • S Daas Nair (s.daas.nair@gmail.com) Most important is connectivity to Mumbai.  Which is still a concern.  Once Airoli-Dombivali tunnel project and Ghansoli – Ghatkopar bridge take place, then it is good place to stay.  Authorities must take a note of it and improve the connectivity earliest
  • Sameer Mehra (mukesh2008_45@yahoo.com) The planing and development in Casa rio and Casa Rio gold is up to the mark but they have delayed the possession in Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold.
  • Nived (nived414@gmail.com) I have been waiting for 3 years now ! You have no rights to bluff us with the commercial name you have earned in these years .
  • Urmila rupendra salve (urmila.salve0311@gmail.com) We have booked our flat in casa Bella gold in March 2010 and not got it in 5 years. Please let us know if Lodha group will keep its promise of delivering the flat on 3rd revised date of July 2016 or not
  • onkar rai (onkarnec@gmail.com) if any announcement is made without plan and details, it is considered as lip service and Lodha is just trying to take unnecessary advantage of this to manuplate the people. Be aware gentleman please do not get trapped yourself
  • karni singh (karnisingh62@rediffmail.com) Exotica looks promising. But the big question is when will be the possession.
  • Sumit Razdan (mukesh2008_45@yahoo.com) I have a flat at Casa Rio. Though the possession is delayed, the developments are enormous, the management and services are quite impressive.
  • Sameer Mehra (mukesh2008_45@yahoo.com)The property definitely looks luxuriant, if Lodha group live up to the promises of the world-class amenities (builder of their genre our expectations are high), the appreciations would be very rewarding.

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