September 16, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Palava City- Security and Administration

In a country like India where our citizens are still trying to come in terms with what a smart city is , Lodha has come up with its daring Project of Palava- the Smart sheher of aamchi Mumbai.  Amidst all the other monotonous projects,  Palava oozes true style and novelty. You need to see it to believe!

With the booming population it is bound that there will be an immense strain on the urban resources of India.  After years of hard work research and perseverance it’s has been proven  that smart cities with its voluptuous opportunities and amazing planning will be future effective ,not just in terms of finance but also comfort.

IBM global business services has joined forces with Palava by creating business architecture by using technological platforms.

IBM has given the fabulous facility for the citizens to communicate with city administration and other facilities offered by the city. With the boom in mobile and social technology, the citizens will be able to Have access over various services, report complaint, and send feedback. Palava gives special attention to the needs of the citizen.

The city’s administration is managed by PCMA (Palava City Managament Association)- a private body managed by Lodha group that diligently handles every nitty-gritties of the locality’s administration from efficient use of energy to use of smart cards custom made for citizens, enabling citizens to live a clutter-free healthy life. Smart technology helps inform the citizen of the ongoing traffic, protect citizens from issues and in case of changes how it would affect their lives. This is smart instrumentation by Palava.

Lodha’s vision of complete safety has been brought into reality by IBM . The three tier security system keeps your family n children safe and happy. They have a central monitor that enables coordination between the citizens and emergency management so that authorities are able to reach on time and control the situation and take quick coordinated actions.

Several steps is being taken by the management to live upto the delivery dates and a hundred happy customers are beaming today with timely possession of their Smart home in Palava- a city of opportunity.




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