October 17, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Palava crosses 30000 palavians

                                                         Palava enters 30k

                                                                   Palava city is indeed the talk of the town is creating a huge fuss in the real estate market. Mind-boggling amenities and luxurious apartments at a very reasonable price. With festive season upon us, palava is offering very attractive offers for the buyers. All these factors leading to more than 30000 happy palavians living there life smartly in this smart city.

With rapid urbanization happening around the globe, people are adapting to the concept of smart city. Smart city is basically a well-planned urban area for the civilians. Lodha have created their own smart city “palava”. This city will suffice for everything an individual would need for a perfect living. Palava have collaborated with IBM and implemented smart technology.

The location of palava is also centrally situated in the economy triangle of Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan. Also just 20 minutes away from the upcoming international airport. Foreseeing this Lodha have planned and built this beautiful project. Palava also consists of golf course, cricket stadium, FIFA standard football turf which has never been before offered. One of the biggest commercial hubs to be planned in palava which will generate plenty of business and job opportunities. The leading school in the country along with 20 other educational institutions to be set up in lodha palava.

Certainly this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the investors. With everything just a walk away from your doorstep, palava’s “walk to everything” principle is indeed a smart way to be environmental friendly along with waste management plant. These are to name a few perks and privileges in palava. So many more advantages of palava are there which becomes irresistible for a buyer to not buy a property in palava. Over 30000 palavians already living smartly in jukt 5% of the complete development of palava. This is one project which will set many records.


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