January 30, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Palava For NRI

Globalization was a scarce word in early 90’s but once people realized the impact of globalization on their life, they have opted for same. People started moving to Middle East Asia, USA, and Australia etc for better employment opportunity & better environment for their family. But what if the same infrastructure is provided in India. Palava City is such place where international standards are maintained. Be it the quality of construction, be it safety issues, be it greenery or sports facilities. The city is a mixture of all these components. As per survey carried out by Lodha, out of total inventories 15% of inventories were bought by NRI, residing in Middle East Asia like UAE, Dubai etc, NRI in USA & NRI in Australia. This itself proves that city is a big hit even among the NRI Market.



What triggers the NRI crowd was following reasons:

*) Appreciation in property prices: Palava City started with a price of Rs 1800 per Sq Ft this was in 2009, at present the cost of an apartment is starting from approx. Rs 5800 per Sq Ft, a growth appreciation of astonishing above 200 % in 5 years. Thus, it is turning out to be a great investment opportunity.

*) Safety: Whole of the city is under scrutiny with the help CCTV cameras & security guards; for keeping residents safe.

*) Eco-friendly: City is currently built keeping every aspect of the eco-friendly environment, open spaces & sports facilities. All these aspects are taken care of. Hence, proving it; an ideal place to reside.


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