May 24, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Palava Green Initiative

Palava a sister city of Mumbai has always thought of a way to give something back to the society. Palava is one of the township which is converting waste waterGreen Initiative into a usable one. This initiative was taken to cater the demand of water supply during summers. This time around Palava started a GoGreen initiative whose main focus is on planting trees.

The residents are excited to participate in this event. Global warming is an immediate threat to the society & if  something is not done in this front soon things will get out of control. Palava being a smart city is doing whatever in its hand to give something back to society. Go Green initiative till date has planted more than 2500 trees in the Palava city.

The initiative got a fabulous response & it is expected that next time around the number of participants is expected to increase.





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