April 29, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Palava Milestone Water Supply

Palava has always been one of the most ambitious project by Lodha developer, Palava is  setting standards for others to follow. Palava construction quality is one of the best in the business. Palava is one of the few city which will be having wifi access even in the public areas. Palava also thrives on the fact that it has more than 30% of the  area as an open area which is much more than the Mumbai. Palava upcoming phase Milestone will also be having an open space of around 60% which is much more than the first phase.

Palava is having an STP which treats sewage water to generate purify water, thus it will allow them to use sewage water & treat to make it consumable to the residents. Thus, this will help them to maintain a healthy water supply through out the year. Mumbai is seeing a water cut in summer & still few months left for summer to get over, the water cut is making it difficult for residents  , but If we look in Palava the water supply has not been affected, people are getting enough water to carry out their daily routines.

This move of using STP water is turning out to be an important component in providing ample water supply to the residents. It is one way to give something back to society as well.



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