April 22, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Palava Rate Appreciation

Investment is one of the instrumental things to increase revenue. If we compare all the market in which people can invest , real estate will top the list & real estate market of Mumbai is known for giving best returns on investment. So, how Palava stands against its neighbours in the return on investment & price appreciation.

Palava spread across 4500 acres of a land parcel has seen magnificent growth over the last few years in terms of infrastructural development. At the time of launch in 2009, the per sq ft rates were around Rs 3600 per Sq Ft and at present it is trading at Rs 5500 per Sq Ft. This growth is only visible in Palava, none of the other players in the neighbouring region have experienced the same type of growth. Navi Mumbai at one point of time gave the best return on investment but due to lack of land parcel & low selling the region didn’t saw any growth as one expected.

Palava on the other hand has single-handedly defied  the market norms. Palava is still on the top on return on investment if we compare to surrounding neighbours . Palava has given an appreciation of 16% , were rest of the region are giving 3.5% on average. Thus, Palava is holding edge in investment returns too.

Palava gets this boost because of huge land parcel available to them & also world class amenities to go around with that a 100 acres central park, a 100 commercial area & Dombivli only mall Xperia Mall in the vicinity.

Appreciation in price



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