June 25, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Palava: Reviews

Tarun Sharma
Principal correspondent in Zee business

We got a chance to speak with of the happy residents of  Palava, let’s see what he share with us:

Craft: Please introduce yourself.

Tarun Sharma: I am Tarun Sharma. I have been working with Zee Business since 2011. My wife is currently   working in Orange Business. I reside at Palava city with my wife.

Craft: How did you grt to know about Palava City?

Tarun Sharma: While I was exploring my options to replace my rental cost with EMIs, one of my friends suggested me to look up at Palava City for options.

Craft: So how has your experience been so far?

Tarun Sharma: Well, Its still early days for me. Initially I was concerned about distances & key requirements and services availability, but no more. Its a good community to live in and the services provided by Lodha are very good. We are seeing things only get better with time. Even the number of residents are increasing with time.

Craft: What are the issues faced in Palava?

Tarun Sharma: As I mentioned earlier, only a little issue with water supply, which is getting better now.

Craft: Will you recommend Palava to your friends?

Tarun Sharma: I have already started to recommend it to my friends. In future Palava will be a desirable location. Even we may move into a bigger property within Palava city with time.

Craft: What is it that you want to change about Palava?

Tarun Sharma: I can’t change this much. But distance from South Mumbai is much, so looking forward to the infrastructure development and happy about the options available for commutation.

Craft: What is future of Palava?

Tarun Sharma: It’s definitely a smart city. If the management of Palava is able to handle the growing number of residents then it will be a Milestone project for the residents.





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