September 18, 2017 - Lodha Palava

Palava Riverside – Why I stay away from the station

Mr. Anshul is one of the residents in Palava Riverside and extremely happy too. His friend had just purchased a house so close to the railway station that he can hear the trains as they pass by seemingly endlessly, day and night. Mr. Anshul is happy for his friend, but he is even happier that he stays away from the station! Now, why would anyone think so? Living in Palava, the first smart city in India, makes him realize that he would much rather be here all his life than buy a tiny apartment right next to the railway station.

His friend might be able to jog to the railway station in under 5 minutes, but did he have acres of open space to take walks in or relax? Did he have access to all facilities in and around his house? Did he enjoy 24X7 security? Probably not.

However, coming back to the very aspect of travel and commute – Mr. Anshul had wanted to show his friend the kind of lifestyle he enjoyed in Palava. It was unlike any other and way beyond his expectations. In Mumbai, a throbbing city full of life, crowds and activity, to find a place with so much greenery everywhere at an affordable price was simply amazing. He imagined the healthy, unpolluted, laid back life that he and his family could enjoy. Yet, the railway station or the bus terminus wasn’t too far away from Palava. There were eco-friendly buses plying from Palava to many places for the convenience of its citizens. Was there really anything more he could ask for?

Like Mr. Anshul, many others are now thinking smart. There are very few people who would rather buy an apartment without worrying about the other factors. In the current day, people are increasingly worried about how pollution, food and poor fitness levels are taking a toll on the mind and body. People want more for what they pay for. When they buy an apartment, they want it to give them satisfaction and peace for a lifetime. Keeping that in mind, Palava city offers world class features inside and outside the home making it sheer pleasure to reside here.

Visit Palava city and you will find that you’ll be one with nature. You will see how this place can transform you and be your respite from the hubbub and confusion of the outside world. Get ready for world class living here!


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