February 4, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Palava Services

One of Lodhas biggest projects is Palava which is changing the face of Dombivali. from a place not known to many it has become another city in the existing city. Palava is becoming the next megacity developing Dombivali into one of the urbanest areas in the city.

The project already has services providing efficient medical Facilities. All with this, there are schools in the society itself saving the time of working parents and ensuring the safety of their children. It also has cultural programs and facilities like clubhouses and cinemas within the township; such services make this place a megacity in itself. Not only city has managed to have many activities for healthy co-existence between the people living.

This smart city has managed to surprise everyone by having Services like 24/7 water and electricity in an area like Dombivali. This Megacity  is not only working on providing the people with good services but it is also helping the society by using methods of solar energy and 100%waste water treatment.

Smart Card

Smart Card

This ensures a healthy environment for the people living there. The recent upgrade that palava has made surprises me and also the others. the township is going all modern and lodha has done something never seen before, city has free wifi connection for all the people living there and even Palava Smart Cards for e-bookings for their cinemas, spa services, and many other facilities all this makes the life of the people not only easy but very comfortable and brings the world together in the true sense


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