December 2, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Palava Smart Card

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Palava Smart Card, lodha pavala, palava city

Palava Smart Card

All of us in India have some kind of identity proof maybe be a license card, voter card, pan card, aadhar card, passport, etc. All these identity card shows us we are the residents of India. We use many types of Debit and Credit card to pay our bills and for shopping’s. We carry a lot of cards with us on a daily basis, to prove our identity and also for purchasing.

But have you heard about a card that will give you access to a whole new world, that to near Mumbai. A card that will be access card to your city will act as a e-Wallet and also help you to participate in all the activities of the city?

Every citizen in Palava will have a card called as ‘Palava Smart Card’ which will act as an identity card, e-wallet, access card to service and all the facilities within the city. There will be a online portal for all the Palava residents which will help to register and track all the complaints, book city facilities, check energy and usage, check transport schedules, view camera footage of all the different parts of the city and more details. This system will help in reducing crime rate within the city since the citizens are themselves participating in the system.

With the help of this card, Palava residents can be assured of the safety of their loved ones.


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