August 5, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Palava vs Monsoon


 It was a typical heavy rainy day in Mumbai and lashed the city with fury. As usual, water logging and traffic snarls are caused by these heavy showers all over the city. The drainage systems have failed to serve their purpose intended and no measure is taken by the government.

Even thane, the neighboring city faced the wrath of the monsoon and couldn’t deal with the heavy showers.  Ghodbunder road-a major route leading out of Thane city which connects the eastern express highway couldn’t cope up to the heavy rainfall. Minutes away from here, Lodha Palava – a smart city also witnessed heavy rains but with a twist.

As Mumbai and Thane were drowning, Palava-the smart city was vibrant instead and making the most out of the weather. There was absolutely no water logging due to its high standard drainage system and even the traffic is never an issue inspite of the rains due the execution of smart technology . The smart city pretty much stands up to, rather overcomes the expectations of all the needs. The inhabitants in palava came together and planted trees in various parts of the city. This initiative of going green cropped within them and even kids had a ball in this activity.

This smart city is backed up with smart technology which monitors and rectifies all the issues like water logging, traffic, waste management, etc. On one hand where the major cities couldn’t handle the fury of monsoon, Palava actually campaigned an initiative and the activity was very successful making it even greener and a perfect place to live and grow.


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