April 30, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Water & Power Supply in Palava

Palava mega city is home to approx 25000 families & to supply hindrance free water & power supply is a major task. Power cut situation & water supply problem is very high during the summers. After infrastructure i.e quality of construction , providing landscape gardens, wifi garden , sports facilities etc, supplying power & water is the next important thing.

Palava has always maintained the best services to its residents & providing elementary needs to its residents without any problem is one of the things they take pride on.  For the power supply they have the connection from electricity board along with that they also have power back up from DG. DG connection is present in every cluster thus every one can enjoy life without any power cuts. The system is fully functional  & is making life easy for the people.

During summer were all of the Mumbai , Thane, Navi Mumbai suffered a water cut , Palava stood one notch up against its competitors. To give ample water supply to its residents, Palava uses STP technique to use sewage water into a usable one. This technique helped the mega city to give a good supply of water to its residents. This plant is active in Casa Rio , It is expected that by the year 2022 almost 70% of water will be produced through this technique.

Palava now and again showing how important it is to promise & deliver. The elementary needs of residents like water & power are met using modern techniques.





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