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Parkside Residences at City Center

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Parkside Residences

Parkside Residences

Lodha Group has launched City Center project in Palava city on 15th of November, 2014. It is sector 4 of Palava City and offers a lot of amenities to its residents. City Center will have a 100 acre central park, Palava monument, a 100 acre University, city level grand clubhouses, lake and lakefront plaza, arts and culture center and many more features. Lodha Group expects the property to appreciate by 200% in the next 3 years as the sector gets completed.

Lodha Group is now opening Parkside Residences which is within City Center. These residences are from different clusters which are along the 18th avenue road. These buildings offer fantastic views of the 100 acre Central Park which stretches along Palava City. The residences of these buildings will command a premium once they are completed. There are 1/2/3 BHK residences available in different buildings in Parkside. 1 BHK starts from 774 sq feet, 2 BHK optima starts from 990 sq feet, 2 BHK ultima starts from 1089 sq feet, 3 BHK optima starts from 1332 sq feet and 3 BHK ultima starts from 1431 sq feet.

Lodha Group expects to sell around 900 flats in the Parkside residences in the next one month. The Parkside will be one of the best investment options in Palava right now. Come for a site visit to see the magic with your eyes.

For a site visit give a miss call on: +91-9022062008


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