September 9, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Pre Launch in Palava City

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Palava Mega City

Palava Mega City

Palava City is a city developed by Lodha Group in Dombivali near Mumbai. The city is in the development stage by its developers and has been attracting investments not only from India but also across the world. Lodha Group has been doing lot of prelaunch offers for Palava City. There will be around 1 lakh families residing in Palava City by 2025. The city is being developed in a phased manner and each sector is launched only after the previous sector is completely sold out.
In March 2009, Lodha Group launched the first township in Palava City in the name of Casa Bella. The rigorous marketing on Lodha Group resulted in 200 booking in month’s time. After the success of Casa Bella and after selling around 1000 flats in Casa Bella Lodha Group launched Casa Bella Gold in September, 2009. Here again Lodha Group sold 300 flats in months time.
In the month of March, 2010 Lodha Group Prelaunch yet another township named Casa Rio Gold. Again in the month of October, 2010 Lodha Group Prelaunch Casa Rio Gold. Lodha Group sold around 4000 units of flat in a year’s time, setting a record for selling maximum residential units by a real estate giant.
With four townships Lodha Group has completed its first phase in Palava City. In January 2014, Lodha Group launched Palava City under brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan. Under the brand ship of Amitabh Bachchan, Lodha Group sold nearly 3000 flats in 2 months time. In May, 2014 Lodha Group yet launched one more cluster Casa Paseo. The month was actually celebrated the success of Lakeshore Greens along with the launch of Casa Paseo. Lot of offers and discounts were given to people who booked their flat in the month of May, 2014.
Recently, Lodha Group launched 18th Avenue High Street living in the month of August, 2014. Here the first High Street Living for a developing city was unveiled by Lodha Group. Lodha Group is planning to launch a new sector in the month of October, 2014. In this new sector, Lodha Group will be releasing fresh new inventories for middle class families. The new sector will be having around 10,000 new inventories.
Lodha Group is planning to release one new sector every year. Lodha Group will launch new sectors only when the inventories of previous sectors are sold out. Lodha Group will complete the current phase by 2018 and will start phase three by the same year. The entire Palava City will be completed by 2025.


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