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Reasons for Possession Delay’s in Palava City

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Reasons for delay

Lodha Group has been developing Palava City in 4000 acres of land in Dombivali near Mumbai. Lodha Group has completed 4 township projects namely Casa Bella, Casa Bella Gold, Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold in Palava City. Apart from these Lodha Group has started first golf themed project ‘Lodha Golflinks’ near Mumbai. Casa Bella started in March, 2009 and from there on other township projects were launched at some interval of time and all these projects is now completed.

Many people have complained that Lodha Group has delayed the possession of the project by 2 years. There are many blog and forums criticizing Lodha Group for taking people’s money and not delivering what is committed to the customers.

There are various for the delay in possession to the customers. Lodha Group has sorted out these issues and is back on track to deliver to the customer within the said date of the possession.

There have been certain modifications that Lodha Group has done in order to deliver the projects on time. Some of the modifications done by Lodha Group are:

1)      Lodha Group has hired 10,000 workers for construction purposes. Initially there were fewer workers working on the site. However, due to the delays Lodha Group has increased this number. Presently the number stands to 10,000 workers and it may increase if Lodha Group requires more people to work on the site.

2)      At present more than 250 contractors’ are assigned to do work on the construction site. Work ranges from making slabs for buildings, plumbing, electric, mining sand, mixing cement, excavation, etc. These are very crucial work for the development of a building and hence it is assigned to contractors that are specialized in their field.

3)      Initially, Lodha Group had outsourced mining of sand for construction purposes. However, as the project increased Lodha Group has brought it own license to mine sand. Sand was one of the major reasons for the delay in possession of Lodha projects in Palava City.

4)      Lodha Group has started a Glass fiber factory near Palava City. Glass fiber plays a major role in construction line and since Lodha Group has its own factory it will speed up construction process.

By taking these constructive steps, Lodha Group believes that it will deliver projects at a faster pace than it had in the recent past.

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