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Recent Developments in Palava City

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Recent developments in Palava, lodha palava, palava city

Recent developments in Palava

Lodha Group is developing Palava City in Dombivali near Mumbai. The city is spread across 4000 acres of land and is being developed in 3 phases. The city currently has more than 4000 families living here and it is expected that the number will increase to 22,000 in a year or so.

In order to support such a vast population, Lodha Group has been taking certain concrete steps. Some of the recent developments in Palava City are:

1)      Palava City has been awarded Level A from MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited), so Palava will have zero power cut. Level A is awarded to best business districts in India which generate revenue from their business.

2)      General Electric is recycling 5 million liters of water every day in Palava City. Water generated so will be used for watering gardens and for washing purpose of vehicles.

3)      IBM is converting Palava City into a smart city with its smart technology. In the recent future, Palava will have automatic street lights, pannikin buttons, automatic traffic lights, cctv cameras all over the city, etc.

4)      Lodha Group has started two numbers 911 and 311 within Palava City. 911 will be an emergency response number whereas 311 will be a customer grievance number for civic amenities.

5)      Topsline Security Management looks after the security of the city. Palava will have three tier security systems.

6)      Palava City has started cashless card facility for transaction purpose. Now the residents in Palava City need not carry cash to buy anything within the city.

7)      Lodha Group has started Palava City Management City (PCMA) to manage the city. PCMA will be responsible for maintaining the city and make it beautiful. Moreover, PCMA will act as the Municipal Corporation of Palava City. It will issue certificates like birth certificate and death certificate. Many other documents can be collected from the PCMA office.

8)      The entire Palava City is laid with Optical fiber. Optical fiber is a new technology that delivers high speed internet connection to homes. Apart from this, optical fiber can also deliver telephone connection and television connection along with it.

9)      The current Palava residents are celebrating a fireless, soundless Diwali this year. The residents will be lighting 4000 lanterns all around the city this year.

Lodha Group has taken many steps to turn Palava City into a world class city which is citizen friendly.

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