December 4, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Rio Waterfront Amphitheater: Palava’s Cultural platform

The best part about living in a place that fulfills all your needs and takes care of all your worries is that you get to finally pamper your hobbies. With clubhouses, libraries and sports arenas, almost everyone gets to be the star they always wanted. Riviera has also taken care of the Cultural enthusiasts around.


A Rio Waterfront Amphitheatre magnificently built and beautiful at the architecture is right at Riviera to give you the taste of all kinds of cultures. Built with a beautiful open stage and lush green surroundings, a grand Amphitheatre is a perfect venue for dances, concerts, drama competitions and exhibits. And on the free days, it can be the best place for hanging out! A place like this will not only invite newer and newer artists but ill also give you the best viewing experience.

The Amphitheatre is beside the River View and Riverscape towers of the cluster giving it easy access and ample of viewing space. So, already feeling like this is you? Go ahead, Riviera welcomes you to this wonderland!



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