May 26, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Runwal My City Vs Lake Shore Greens

In Dombivali many new construction are taking place. The reason is it Dombivali- Kalyan is in the list of smart cities. But one more interesting thing happening in the place that is construction of two massive sites right next to each other. Palava & My city. On one end Palava is most ambitious project by Lodha Developers & on the other side Runwal is constructing my city. Customers are curious to know which is best among them.

So, following are some parameters to get a good idea of the same.


Criteria Lakeshore greens My City
Land Area Palava is spread across 4500 acres in Dombivali & Lakeshore greens is in the 900 acres of development which is constructed in the second phase. My city is spread across 156 acres
Current Status Palava already delivered home to 25000 families, Lakeshore greens is on the verge of completion My city has just started construction
Area of Apartments Saleable area varies from 600 Sq Ft to 1400 Sq Ft Saleable area varies from 650 Sq Ft to 1100 Sq Ft
Rate Lakeshore greens rates starts from 35 Lacs Prices start from 30 lacs
Configuration Have different configuration ranging from 1, 2 & 3 BHK Had only 2 BHK
Amenities Each and every amenity which one can think of is present in Lakeshore greens. My city has number of amenities but not as much as Palava city
Liveability standards Lakeshore is one of the premium property in Palava. My city is bit low as compared to Palava on liveability standard


The criteria chosen for the comparison is neutral and basic requirement which a customer seeks before choosing a property.



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