July 4, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Security System: A Safe and Secure Life

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IBM Security System

IBM Security System

There is a popular saying: You are someone to the world but, for someone you are the whole world. With the crime rate on the rise all over India, everybody wants their loved ones to be safe and secure. We have to create a system where every resident of the country feel safe. Lodha Group is creating such a system for the safety of the residents in Palava City.

Palava City has a dedicated, state of the art 21st century security system to take care of your loved ones. Palava City has a three tier security system. Every cluster will have a security gate. Security personnel will be available in the security gates. Then there will be security personnel at very group of buildings and the third tier is dedicated security personnel at the entrance of each building. The security personnel’s will be available round the clock for surveillance of the city.

Video surveillance: Street Cameras are installed at every corner of Palava city to keep an eye on culprits and wrong doers. Residents of Palava can now feel safe against serious crimes like home burglers, theft, etc. Moreover it will help in data collection for maintenance of the city.

Security Force: A dedicated security force has been created in Palava City for any emergency situation in Palava City. Situation like fire accidents, medical conditions, flooding during raining season etc can be very well handled by the security force. The security force can be called on 911 special number specially made for Palava residents.

Panic Alarm System: Panic alarms are installed at an interval of 200 meters along the footpath. This Alarm system will sound alarm whenever there is any emergency situation in Palava city. The main intention for the system is to alert the residents for any critical situation and also for all roads to be open to allow easy entry and exit of the Security force.

Fire Alarm System: Automatic fire alarm system is being installed in every building in case of any fire accidents. The system will have smoke detectors and sprinklers. The system will be activated once smoke is detected and water will be sprinkled.

Apart from this Lodha Group has started a emergency number 911. Any resident of Palava City can call on this number for any emergency situation. Lodha Group has tied-up with IBM for developing Palava into a smart city. IBM has taken into consideration all small aspects for making Palava more secure.


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