August 4, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Smart city essentials

More than half the population of the Earth now lives in urban areas and the modern cities face many challenges. The concept of smart city emphasizes that IT & Digital data can be used to make city more efficient. Smart city should have energy efficient solutions for street parking, traffic monitoring, water and electricity supply, waste management, environmental control, public lighting, public spaces use and public safety.


  • Inhabitants in the smart city have access to hospitals, schools, sports hall/ground, city hall for administration, police stations, shops and much else.
  • Efficient transport system is the hallmark of a smart city. Such infrastructure needs to be backed by strong road signaling system so as to ensure smooth and congestion free travel of citizens.
  • The waste that the city generates can be a source of energy. The waste that cannot be recycled to produce raw material can be incinerated. This process will lead to production of energy, heat and raw materials.
  • Ubiquitous Wi-Fi zones are a must for a smart city and Barcelona-the smartest city in the world is known for adapting this.
  • A smart card is a key for a smart city which can be used for almost everything acts as E-Wallet for all the transactions. Tokyo in Japan have implemented the use of smart card.
  • Huge commercial complexes in a smart city which will generate ‘n’ number of job opportunities and easily accessible for commuters.
  • Applying the bioclimatic principles in architectural design, buildings can be designed which are more power efficient. Thus the use of fossil fuels can be minimized and renewable energy sources are maximized.
  • A Smart City must have an e-governance for the issues faced by inhabitants and can be rectified as soon as possible. Monitoring the issues by the municipal issues such as power supply, drainage issues, etc. issue can be rectified via a remote control network.

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