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  • September 18, 2017 - Lodha Palava

    Palava Riverside – Why I stay away from the station

    Mr. Anshul is one of the residents in Palava Riverside and extremely happy too. His friend had just purchased a house so close to the railway station that he can hear the trains as they pass by seemingly endlessly, day and night. Mr. Anshul is happy for his friend, but he is even happier that […]

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  • September 10, 2017 - Lodha Palava

    Codename Riverside: Neighbor’s Envy, Owner’s Pride

    Lodha Group created a smart city, Palava, equipped with features that other cities in the country can dream of only in the future. If you’re considering owning our dream home in Palava, here is the good news – Lodha Group’s has launched its newest luxury housing, Codename Riverside. What is unique about Codename Riverside and […]

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  • Right on the riverfront and close to everything. Codename Riverside is your bridge to all that LODHA’S smart city has to offer. Wide open lobby +18 storey tower community situated right at the center of main city hub. 1.5 KM long Riverside boulevard is a wonderful place to enjoy the beautiful scenery featuring multiple amenities. […]

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