December 4, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Technology to be Catalyst of Smart City

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Smart City

Smart City

Technology is bombarding us to a great extend in recent years compared to past. Mobiles, smart phones, internet, Wi-Fi, social media, Bluetooth, broadband, smart tv, cloud computing, etc. have been developed in the recent past. Ever wondered how these technologies can change the way we live in our cities?

The concept of smart city is taking form nowadays as these technologies improve. You can call them – modern, proactive, postured, resilient, agile or even ‘Smart’. Technology is here to shape the way you live, breath, move, and eat on our soon to be smart city. Imagine a world where traffic will be monitored automatically, household will track its own consumption, water purification happens in a jiffy, a city where people will not have to wait in a queue for any payment or for documentation. Now is the era where everything no matter big or small, good or bad, is broadcasted immediately by the citizens with their phones. Now is the era where people’s fingertips are powered.

Today’s digital age has given rise to many entrepreneurs who innovate and deliver new service to its customers. The same applies in creating new and smart cities. Entrepreneurs’ are searching for new ideas to improve the way citizens can live in this modern world. The best example is the outreach of smart phones in India and internet connection to the common man in India. One of the best example of technology is that, it can alert citizens and reduce damages done by cyclones. The recent cyclone Phailin and cyclone Nilofar are live examples to us.

Technology is truly going to change the way we live in the near future. It will be the next level for designing our cities.


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