July 14, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Transforming Dombivali into a World Class City

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Transforming Dombivali

Transforming Dombivali

Dombivali is a Suburb in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Dombivali is around 50 km from Mumbai and 20 km from Thane. It is renowned for its Marathi culture and high literacy rate.

Dombivali was first documented in 1075 by King Harpal Dev, who ruled near Mahul village near Turbhe port. The existence of Dombivali can also be seen in the year 1730 during the Peshawar rule. With such a long history, Dombivali has transformed itself as and when time has tested it.

Dombivali was merged with Kalyan to make it a twin city. Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC) was formed in 1983. With a population of 12 lakh people, Dombivali is one of the biggest suburbs of Mumbai. Dombivali has many manufacturing factories of dyes, paints and agriculture chemicals. Companies like Vicco labs, Ghadra Chemicals, Lloyd Steel and Deepak Fertilizers are present in Dombivali MIDC.

Over the years, Dombivali has transformed into a modern city. However the development has been slow compared to other parts of MMR due to various reasons maybe political, regional or cultural. The place has to transform giver the reform level the government has for the entire MMR. Dombivali will be one of the biggest share taker of this reform levels.

Now, Dombivali has become one of the top investment destinations in Mumbai. The time has changed where people thought about Dombivali has a small village. Looking at the growth of Dombivali, the State Government of Maharashtra has given the permission to Lodha Group to develop a City here.

Lodha Group is developing a 21st century smart city in the name of Palava- The City of Opportunity. This will furthure transform this place. The land parcel is spread across 4000 acre of land. The city is being developed near Kalyan-Shil Road. The city starts from Dombivali and moves up to Taloja near Navi Mumbai. Once Palava City is completed, its total population will be more than 5 lakh. Job opportunities for more than 3 lakh people will be created. The development of Central Business District, 100 acre central park, 50 acre Lake and Lake side promenade, 100 acre University are added advantages for this city.

Lodha Group is determined to transform Dombivali into world class city. The city will be one of the top 50 livable cities to live in by 2025. The dream is already getting shape with CASA Bella and CASA Rio, the first township of Palava City.


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