February 27, 2015 - Lodha Palava

Travelling Distance to Palava City

Palava city has been creating a lot of buff in real estate from the day it was launched. Palava city is just next to Katai toll naka on Dombivali east. Palava city can be reached by road or a combination of road and rail as per the convenient of the residence.

Palava from Dombivali Station: Dombivali station is 9 kms from the present Palava city i.e. Casa Bella, Casa Bella Gold, Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold. It takes about 25 minutes to cover this distance between Dombivali station and Casa Bella Gold.

Palava from Kalyan Station: Kalyan station is 12 kms from Palava City. It takes about 25 minutes to cover this distance between Kalyan station and Palava City.

Palava from Kopar Khairne Station (Ghansoli Station): Palava is 12 kms from Kopar Khairne station (Ghansoli Station). A person will take about 25 minutes to cover this distance to Palava City.

Palava from Vashi Station: Palava is 19 kms from Vashi Station. It will take 40 minutes to reach Palava city from Vashi station by car.

Palava from Thane Station: Thane station is 31 kms from Palava city. One can reach Thane city in less than 40 minutes from Palava via Thane-Belapur road.


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