March 10, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Villas: New Status of Luxury

Villas are always a dream for any individual. The people use to consider big cars, ornaments & nice apartment in luxury living but not anymore. The new status of luxury is a Villa in best of the places. Lodha is a megacity which is catering the needs of every individual & one exclusive section in this mega city is concentrating on providing the best living experience & villas & golf links are an example for the luxurious living apartments.

Villas are exclusive apartments over a green landscape & a whole galaxy of stars above you. This unique property is raising the bar for luxurious living. A G+ 1 structure is designed by looking your comfort & privacy.

Villas will have individual parking & spacious master bedroom with an option of home theatre. To store your belongings a walking wardrobe is provided. Along, with a garden you will be always be provided with terrace; terrace can be utilized for sitting or party. This unique combination of garden & terrace is


hard to find in this fast paced city. Lodha has come up with this product to meet demands of all the people who are looking for this unique combination.

Villas are having a plot area of 5600-5900 Sq Ft & carpet area is 3321 Sq Ft. The configuration in such carpet areas are difficult to find in Mumbai & this can be exclusive opportunity for an individual to have their luxurious status.


Lodha Golflinks / villa

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