July 8, 2014 - Lodha Palava

Walk to Everywhere: Sounds like a Dream?

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Palava- Smart City


In a city like Mumbai we live in congestion, traffic and constrained space. There are not many open spaces left in Mumbai. All places are far away be it school, office, market place etc. There are not many footpaths for us to walk. We would always dream to walk to different places. But the present situation will not change at least for the next 20 years, given the condition of governance, contractors and town planners. So we should have some alternative for this.

Lodha Group has found an alternative for this. They are developing an entire new city called as Palava City where they will introduce this walk to everywhere culture.  This culture is adopted from leading cities from the world like Paris, New York, London, Singapore etc. The Urban Designers in these cities give lot of importance to pedestrians. In fact the cities are so planned that people are encouraged to leave their vehicles and use public transport along with walking. This is good for the pedestrian’s health, reduces fuel consumption, reduces pollution, keeps good environment and moreover increases GDP of the country.

The amenities in Palava City is so planned that we can go anywhere by walking. There are dedicated footpaths all over the city. We have pelican signals at all 4 arm crossing junctions which are dedicated for pedestrians. When a person wants to cross the road he can just press the signal then the traffic flow will be stopped and pedestrians will have a free way to cross the road.

Sasaki is a world renowned firm associated with Lodha Group. They are the urban designers of Palava City. Before designing Palava City, Sasaki designed the Olympic village in China, for the Olympic games in 2008. They have designed Palava City in such a way that all the amenities are within walking distance of the pedestrians. The Entrance Gate and Park are just 1 minute walking distance from your building. School and Clubhouses are 2 minutes walking distance and Central Business District and Central Park are 3 minute walking distance.

All Transport facilities, convenient store and car parking are just 5 minute walking distance from your building. Colleges, lakeside promenade and Temple are 10 minutes and fueling station, universities and art and culture centre are 15 minutes walking distance from your building.

Within the next 10 years Palava City will be one of the top 50 cities to live in. The entire city is developed with the citizens in mind. Lodha Palava City will be a unique place to live in by giving pedestrians more importance.


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  • Sameer Mehra says:

    The property definitely looks luxuriant, if Lodha group live up to the promises of the world-class amenities ( builder of their genre our expectations are high), the appreciations would be very rewarding.

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