November 28, 2016 - Lodha Palava

What demonetization means to your dream of owning a house…

Demonetization is the buzzword of the current time. Look anywhere and you’ll observe

that this recent major step taken by the government has been having an impact on

people and markets. Real estate is one of the major sectors to experience the effect

almost immediately.

If you are planning to invest in a property or land, there is no time better than now. At

Housefy, we have analysed and present the different ways in which you can benefit if

you buy property in the coming few months. The prices are expected to go down

considerably – that’s because only on in five buyers prefer to pay the whole amount by

cheque, most resorting to hand over cash. Now, with not enough valid cash available in

the market, builders and real estate groups heartily welcome those ready for fair and

legal transactions.

The cash crunch is pinching different markets. Builders need liquidity and cash flow to

handle the construction material cost as well as for the wages of the workers. For

serious buyers, they would be willing to negotiate and offer a good price, predictably

better than what you could have expected in the past.

You might find that a lot of resale properties, which were well beyond your budget

might become affordable. That widens your options and helps you choose the luxury flat

which you might have only dreamt of days back.

Banks across the country have been receiving unprecedented cash deposits over the

past few days. This will affect the lending rates, so expect the interest rates for home

loans go down! This is a much welcome step and those who were wary of the exorbitant

interests in the past, can step forward and finally invest in a home without

So, are you ready? Estimate your budget, get in touch with a trusted property advisor,

work on your negotiation skills, visit locations, speak to builders, show them you’re

committed, buy your dream house and save a few lakhs in the process. Good luck!


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