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Why Defence & Merchant Navy People Are Buying Palava

Why there is so much transaction by defence service people:

It has been witnessed in Palava that lots of defence personals are opting for homes in Palava & the reasons are evident. If, one has ever visited a defence residences they would notice following points

a) Security check at the entrance: Every entry point will have a Security Check to ensure the safety of residences.

b) Ample open spaces: This is USP of defence residences is huge area of open spaces for playing & to keep greenery.

c) Focus on sports : People will have access to all the sports facilities which is big thing in today’s world.

Above are just few points that represent a life in defence residences. So why Defence People are opting for Palava city ?

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The answer is same, because of all these facilities are available in Palava. The Palava City is becoming answer to defence personal query. Because, they want to live in same way that they are living at present while serving country. The security provided by Palava city is more in the terms of defence residences thus making it extra safe for residents.

Defence & Merchant Navy People

Defence & Merchant Navy People

Defence life is tough & they didn’t have much time to know about everything about the project. But name of Lodha is well known in India. Thus, it provides Extra Security to person’s mind to invest in such property. Also, there are lots of open spaces to stay bit close to nature which is much in line with defence residences.

As more and more merchant navy personals, army personals are Investing In Palava City, the word is growing in the market like a fire. Thus, attracting more and more crowd from defence sector.

As pay of defence personal is in rise, it is best time to invest in Palava city as rates are still affordable. But once more development happens in Palava, the prices are meant to rise. By sighting this opportunity to invest the demand of Palava city residences are high.

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