April 4, 2016 - Lodha Palava

Women Cricket League

Palava is termed as one of the most modern society in India which is not only built with quality infrastructure but also embrace quality living standard. Along with male cricket shaping a new era in Palava, how can women be left behind. Palava has initiated women cricket league.

A league which will start a new era for women sports development , this league will be a huge event as this will be for the first time that Palava will initiate such league. Cricket being one of the major sports in India have seen lot of development since last decade. The craze of cricket is high in India. People are emotionally attached to this game.

Women are always one of the important aspect for growth of any society in India & if they are also considered same as their male counterparts it is a huge step in the development of city.

Let’s hope this is not just one time execution but every year leagues like these will be more grand and much celebrated.




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