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World Cities Inspiring Palava City

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Palava City

Palava City

Man has been creating cities from the time he is civilized. There are various civilizations done by man in earlier days. Like the Egyptian civilization, the Indus Valley civilization, etc. These civilizations are nothing but cities developed by Man. Man have always created inspiring structures which last for generations. The leaning tower of Pisa, the Pyramid of Giza is examples of this.

In modern day, man is developing cities in a much faster manner. We have to develop cities that are future ready for generations to come. We have to take inspiration from other cities in the world to develop a new city. We have to see all the positive aspect from these cities to develop our future ones.

One such city is being developed in India which has been inspired by the great cities in the world. This city is being developed in the outskirts of Mumbai and is named as Palava City. Palava comes from a Sanskrit word Palav meaning ‘Budding flower’. The name has been aptly selected since Palava is still budding i.e. it is still being developed. Palava will become a reality by 2025.

Inspirations of Palava:

Planning of Paris: Paris is one of the greenest and livable city in Europe. It has more open space than any other city in the world. It is the leading culture and business centre in Europe. It has a extensive transport system.

Connected like London: This city is the world leader in finance, tourism, culture and education. It has one the best education systems in the world. Some of the world famous universities are in this city. It has abundant parks and open space.

Potential of New York: Global power city with significant impact on economics of different countries. It is the leading city for innovation. Major corporate of the world have their offices in this city. World famous Statue of Liberty is in this city.

Prudence of Singapore: Singapore is one such city/country where the vehicle ownership is very low. Thanks to the extensive public transportation in this city. It has a very smart metro system. It has a world class water management system. Singapore is one of the leading smart city in the world.

Pulse of Mumbai: Mumbai is the commercial, financial and entertainment headquater of India. It has a GDP which sustains maximum part of the economy. Mumbai is the city which never sleeps where you see people working round the clock.


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